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Have you ever felt the surge of excitement generated by a power slide? Now you can put your radical driving skills to the test with MK driver training.

On our purpose built Skid area you´ll master driving techniques to control your vehicle in the event of a skid. This uniquely enjoyable experience teaches you valuable driving skills in a risk-free environment and we´re confident you´ll leave a better, safer, road user. Whether you´re driving for business or pleasure, Britain´s inclement weather means you can never be sure what hazardous conditions are just around the corner.

Let MK Driver Training prepare you for the worst...while having the time of your life!

These skid control experiences are a thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience and actually of real practical value. On all of the courses you will learn just how to control skids, perfect the art of tracking on slippery roads and be shown how to cope with adverse conditions.

We reckon skid control is one of those skills which look dead easy until you try it. You will quickly discover that controlling a skid or a slide often requires you to do the exact opposite to what your brain is telling you to do.

This course is ideal for new or experienced drivers who wish to increase their awareness and driving ability in slide/skid/braking situations. The course includes a short classroom briefing covering vehicle dynamics in relation to skids, their cause and control as well as vehicle handling in general and health and safety.

You will be coached by an experienced skid car instructor on the basics - recognising slides/skids and correcting/controlling them. All training is conducted on the purpose built, slippery skidpan at relatively slow speed to build up confidence.

Your experience ends with an overall assessment of your performance and presentation of certificate.

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