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Is your company looking to significantly cut the costs of running your fleet?

We provide Fleet Driver Training throughout the UK

Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training

What is Fleet Driver Training

Fleet driver training is an integral component of a fleet management programme. The goal is to eliminate or reduce risks encountered by company drivers whilst at the same time lower fleet costs by reducing accidents, fuel costs and insurance premiums. Your drivers represent your company on the road therefore creating a positive corporate image is paramount.

Lower Fuel Costs
Reduce Accidents
Lower Insurance Premiums
Positive Corporate Image
On Road advanced driver training transforms your driving, from the moment we arrive. Explore modern advanced driving techniques.
Learning outcome:
Discover all you can learn in one day with advanced driver training on the road.
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As a company, what is your “Duty of Care”?

If your company employs drivers or has employees who frequently drive as part of their job role, then your business has serious corporate responsibilities. Your company has a “duty of care” to your employees and this extends to ALL drivers of company vehicles or driving their own vehicle on behalf of the business. If you would like more information regarding responsibilities or on how we can help you significantly cut the costs of running your fleet – please get in touch with MK Driver Training

Who have trusted us with their Fleet Driver Training?

Bentley and Lamborghini, Porsche, Redbull, Mercedes, and Renault Formula one, Silverstone Circuit, Network Rail (Babcocks) Sysmex, Tottenham Hotspur FC, MK Dons FC, Northampton Town FC, and Cambridge Utd FC, Pryors Executive Car and Taxi Services, Panasonic PLC, Beds & Luton Fire and Rescue Service, AE Graphics, HMGCC, Soils UK, Dawson Construction, Agrii, DFS furniture and many more.

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